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Line Extension


Sandra Evans


Line extension is a simple way to create a more modern look in your painting. 

This design was taken from a photo in a gardening magazine, simply choose several flowers and sketch them, then extend the line of the petal past the end to create the negative area of your painting.  Do this on a sketch pad first several times until you get the desired flow in your design.


1st fire, Pen in a light colour eg Marigold or Ochre. Fire 820°c.

2nd fire, Chip your negative using Josephine Chipping off powder.  This powder is easier to use than glass beads.  You mix the chipping powder with water to the consistency of cream, apply to the area then fire to 800°c.  Chip off while still warm the same as glass beads.

3rd fire & 4th fire, Mask out around flowers and outside chipped area, apply yellow lustre by sponge. Don’t forget to mask the stem also. Remove mask. Fire 780°c - 800°c.

5th fire,  Mask out stem and sponge with a light green lustre.  Use a red lustre to place the pattern on the top three petals of each flower.  Fire 780°c.

6th fire, Mask out all the lustred areas then apply Alexanders Blue violet lustre and marbleize.  Remove mask and fire 780°c.

7th fire, Outline around penned area with gold. Place white enamel in the centre of stamen.  Fire 780°c.