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DENDROBIUM WITH FERNS                      Tutor –Valda Heath

Clingwrap Background With Waterbased Medium And Sponging.

1st Fire

1 Tape off border around subject area if desired. Apply vinyl mask to tile.  Trace on design including numbers.

2 With scalpel or very sharp craft knife, cut around entire pattern areas.

3 Peel off area No 1 with scalpel. Tweezers are helpful here.

4 Mix background colours with waterbased medium to toothpaste consistency. Add water until thick creamy consistency. 

5 Brush or sponge on background areas leaving spaces for metallic.

6 Mix metallic as above and add to background.  Spray with water if too dry

7 Lay on plastic wrap crinkling, stretching or pulling to create interesting pattern. Press down and allow to dry.  Remove plastic wrap and dry with hairdryer if necessary.

8 Peel off No 2 section with scalpel and tweezers.

9 Mix No 2 colour with open or semi-open medium to thin cream consistency. Apply separately with small piece of fine sponge and blend together at edges gently. Pad with clean fine sponge to smooth. The right consistency and careful padding are necessary to give a smooth finish without taking off too much colour. Open medium can make this step more difficult.

10 Repeat above step 9 and 10 with No 3 colour; then No 4 colour and so onto No 6.

This should leave only stems and border remaining covered.  Peel these off and fire at 800*C for Ceramic tile and at 820*C to 840*C for porcelain tile.

2nd Fire -

1 With brush and normal painting medium shade or intensify colours as desired.  Background could also be touched up if necessary.  If there are areas you are not happy with think about covering them with texture.  You could add textured ferns, butterflies, lines or dots etc which can be covered with gold on the next fire.

2 Apply small pieces of vinyl to make a pattern on the border.  Sponge with texture and remove vinyl. Fire as above.

3rd Fire - Apply liquid bright gold to stems and to texture where desired. Outline design with liquid bright gold pen lines. Fire at 750*C to 780*C  - ceramic or porcelain.